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Booking a Photoshoot

How it works

Using the contact form on our contact page, email or phone call, tell us more about your project. Perhaps you wish to boost your views on Airbnb or rank your listing higher on the platform, maximize your long-term rental price or find the perfect buyer for your property? 

Based on the type and size of your property, we offer various packages including different services to best market your property online. We will get back to you with a specific quote within 24 hours, and schedule a further call or meeting to arrange the specifics. 

Once we have confirmed on the scope of the project, the desired services and a date/time for our photoshoot, you will be asked to sign a simple online service agreement.  This is signed off with a digital signature from both parties. 

To make the most of the photoshoot there are a few key things to consider when preparing a property for a photoshoot. Review our post about showcase preparation here. 

On the day we will take photos of all interior and exterior spaces of the property, as well as any 3D scans or drone flights that may be included. 

Depending on the size and complexity of the property, as well as the number of services involved, we will deliver the final photos within 1-5 working days. For a standard photoshoot (photography only) we can deliver within 24 hours. 

The images will be delivered digitally using the file-transfer service WeTransfer. A physical USB can also be used.

3D virtual tours are hosted with Matterport and will be available for anyone to see with a simple URL link. Delivery for 3D virtual tours are 24 hours, regardless of property size. 

Why opt in for Professional Photos?

A stunning exterior photograph acts as the first impression to your property. This first impression of your property determines whether a client buys it or not. It is not to be underestimated. 

Every photo, video or virtual tour thereafter builds on this first impression, revealing the full story of your property. How you present your property’s story leads a buyer to either want to dive deeper or simply move to the next property. We help build stories that maximises the number of quality leads that reach out to take the next steps. 

From the moment they first catch your listing, to the period of “mulling it over” with their wives or husbands, friends or family – your listing photography is what they will keep referring back to. Our goal is to ignite excitement  and help your buyers fall in love with your property every time they check out your listing.

Exterior Real Estate Photography of a Contemporary Home in Cyprus

How do I prepare for a photoshoot?

On the day of the photoshoot, you want your property to be show-room ready. Imagine your property was to be featured on the front page of the biggest magazine in Limassol, or displayed on TV during prime-time… How would you want it to look like? 

This is the standard we follow for all our property photoshoots. If you can’t WOW your prospective buyers the same way you’d WOW a TV audience, how do you expect to exceed your asking price!

We help you achieve show-room level photography to implement on all listings across your preferred online listing sites. 

Not sure where to start? Check out our photoshoot preparation guide here. 

Exterior Real Estate Photography of a Contemporary Home in Cyprus

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